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Supercharge Your Interview Skills with Our Exclusive 2023 Guide!

Learn proven strategies and techniques gathered from job seekers, hiring manager, career professionals, career coaches, and our personal experiences.

Get your guide for
just $35!
 (org. $50)

130+ of the most popular interview questions with example answers and best practices!

What else is inside:

  • 175+ pages of no-frill, in-depth, instructional content

  • Creating a personal brand that stands out

  • How to prepare for and nail an interview

  • The STAR Method

  • Salary negotiation tips

  • Post-interview follow up

I’m no stranger to career change. I’ve personally changed my career 6 times and I’ve been through it all.

Here’s a list of huge career shifts I’ve made so you can see for yourself:

  • Changed to unrelated industries: finance —> space electronics —> internet content—> insurance

  • Changed how I work: employee —> freelancer —> employee —> freelance consultant —> founder/business owner

  • Changed roles: trader —> sales/operations —> writer —> GM —> innovation consultant —> CEO and coach

Not only has our team researched and studied the career-space, we have also been in your shoes.​

Hi, I’m Mike Gardon, Host of The Break Podcast  and author of  The Break Newsletter. I’m also the owner of where I’m helping people I’m no stranger to career change.


Don't let your dream job slip through your fingers. We've uncovered the secrets of successful interviews. From building an impressive personal brand to confidently tackling any interview question, our guide will empower you to conquer the interview room.

Master the Art of Interviews & Unleash Your Potential!

Exclusive Pricing: $35 (Limited Time Only)

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