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Michael Gardon

Break Corporate Dependence:

Turn Your Job into a Revenue Stream that Fuels
Freedom, Family, & Finances

(Especially if you're burned out AND trapped by the golden handcuffs)

Straight from the source:

Macy, Freelance Content Marketer


"Before working with Mike, I struggled with indecision, investing in myself, and figuring out the next steps for my career path. But now, I’m finally betting on myself. I learned to make more odds-based decisions, and better assess risk in changes I want to make. I now work as a freelancer and have more time and financial freedom. If you want to level up - in your career or personally, I highly recommend!"

Paul, Financial Services

"I'm grateful for my time working with Mike and his program. It helped me through a time of great change. Mike helped me have kind of come around to a far healthier view of myself and my career. Things don't have to be so rigid. Always known it can be an adventure. I need to embrace that. I need to lean into it. I need to almost kind of have fun with the experience. That's hard to do. It's not something that I ever embraced for 20 years but after working with Mike it's something that I'm committed to keeping in mind for all the rest of my working days."

Kristin, Defense Industry

"Before working with Mike, I was unfocused and scattered about how to bring my business idea to life. He provided constructive feedback on tactical tasks that helped me get my dreams and my vision moving with concrete, bite-sized steps. He has such a wide-ranging set of professional experiences that he could answer any question and put himself in my shoes instantly. He has an unbelievable ability to actively listen and distill down precisely what information or help you’re looking for and then deliver it. After working with him, I know how to put my ideas into motion, and how to move through phases of discomfort knowing and trusting that I’ll be okay and better for having been on the journey. I am way more unbreakable after working with and knowing Mike.

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