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Michael Gardon

I make mistakes - all the time.


I chased "success" and money like a type A madman, until I realized there was still no fulfillment there.

Work equaled success for me, and I pursued it like a robot. I felt I had to sacrifice myself in order to get it.

Now I know better. Life isn't one dimensional. It's full stack. Creative work. Family, Relationships. Health. Spirit.

Now, my goal in life is to be balanced. What I call a Full Stack Human.

To do that, in 2018 I decided to break my relationship with work and build a wholistic life where I was balanced, attentive and still achievement focused AF!

It's just that I wanted my achievement to be mine, and not someone else's.

So I designed my way out of corporate work by taking a risk managed, methodical approach.


  1. I created space at my job

  2. made my paycheck the investor in my future vision

  3. built my side hustle into FT corporate exit.

Now I write, create and talk about how to build an unbreakable approach to life that turned me into a Full Stack Human. 

One that enjoys work, enjoys family and enjoys life.

Hey, I'm Mike. This is My story . . . 


I help early and mid stage professionals chart their path and make better odds based career decisions, and build the skills of adaptablilty and resilience. 

How I Can Help You


Join 14,000+  who get 1 tip every Wednesday on transforming work to become unbreakable.


I coach senior corporate professionals to break corporate dependence by building portfolio careers. 


Join others reclaiming their careers and producing extraordinary lives.

I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Let's Chat

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