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5 Minutes To Ensure Positive Momentum Tomorrow - The Break Issue 46

Updated: Mar 13

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Today At A Glance

  • We need to create momentum when we tackle any change

  • That's our "Belief Flywheel" so we can have confidence to take the next step

  • Momentum starts the night before

  • Follow this simple 5 minute evening routine to guarantee momentum tomorrow

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The Power of Momentum

I’m convinced that the greatest skill to master is how to build momentum in your life. That’s why I talk to much about building the ​belief flywheel​.

The concept of momentum underpins all the science around habit formation. Start small, stay consistent, forgive yourself when you falter, but keep going.

It’s the same with becoming resilient to any change that comes your way - career change, getting fired, loss of income, set back - you have to be able to build momentum, get rolling and believe your action will have impact.

One of the best ways to create momentum in your day is to start the night before.

Here's a 5 minute evening plan to guarantee positive momentum tomorrow.


My Advantage Mapping Program is all about momentum - giving you tools to evaluate what progress and success looks like so you can have confidence in your path. We aim to deal well with uncertainty and create a systematic, high odds approach to aligning who you are with what you do. I'd love you to check it out ​​Join the waitlist


5 Minute Evening Routine That Guarantees Momentum Tomorrow

1. Create your "wins" journal

Open a document. Title it Wins Journal Write down one thing from your day that was a win.

It doesn't matter how small.

Write down one thing from your day that was a win. It doesn't matter how small

The habit of celebrating wins builds confidence, and focuses you on the journey instead of the destination.

Book mark it for easy access.

Re-read your latest entries, and start believing!

2. Start your Memory Log

Title another document Memory Log Add one thing you want to remember from the day

  • a smile

  • something funny your kid said

  • a great sunset

Over time this will be something you cherish for the rest of your life

The memory log is the essence of my kid's side hustle, Quotebook

We capture all the funny things we say and I can't wait to share it with their kids someday.

Check it out and pick one up for Father’s Day!

3. Connect to your goals

Since 2008, I’ve kept a piece of paper with my yearly goals on it. I look at it every day.

Jot down your highest priorities

review them right before bed

This connection helps us internalize the goals and avoid distractions

I do this every night.

4. MIT’s

MIT’s are Most Important Tasks.

Write down 1-3 Most Important Tasks for tomorrow + the first action step for each.

Remember the rule of 3: NEVER more than three can be most important

The first action helps you automate how you start the day and keeps you focused on driving forward.

5. Go to bed with an intention for tomorrow

As you fall asleep, give your subconscious something to work on. Ask a question, set an intention, build a feeling you want for tomorrow, and let your brain work on it while you sleep.

That's it! Taking 5 minutes tonight will build momentum tomorrow. If you liked this, forward it to a friend and have them say hi!

See you again next week!


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The Latest Conversation on THE BREAK Pod

What happens when you start to notice the invisible scripts that tell you the keys to “success” are be good in school, get a good job, work hard and chase status and accomplishment?

Most people continue to push for those things on the default path. But when you start to notice and question these scripts, you can create a wildly different and more fulfilling path for yourself. But you have to acknowledge the uncertainty, and actually decide how you want to live.

My guest today is Paul Millerd. Paul was a studious management consultant on the “Default Path”, but he started to question that path and ended up opting out entirely. Paul gave up a $150,000 salary at the prestigious McKinsey consulting company in NYC, to travel the world and make ends meet through freelancing.

Then he wrote a book about it, self-published and that book has sold over 20,000 copies in the last 12 months!

I devoured his book, The Pathless Path on Audible over the course of a week in the car rides home from dropping my kids off at school or practice.

It is an absolute masterpiece on taking control and living a life on your terms, not anyone else’s. I’m extremely proud that I got to talk to Paul and bring our conversation to you today. I hope you enjoy this episode on taking The Pathless Path with Paul Millerd.

You made it to the end! Hopefully you learned something about breaking your career today! If so, please share this with someone you care about.

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