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Book a Breakout session with Mike.

30 minutes — $100

We'll spend the time talking about your immediate career situation, discuss your top 2-3 goals, outlining a strategy, and arranging a tactical action plan to build the career change you need.

You'll also get my Advantage Mapping online course included at no charge. This course will build off of our call and get you uncovering how to use your natural advantages in new ways to get where you want to go. 

The recording and any resources we create or discuss are yours to keep.



You'll receive a link to my calendar.

My Areas of Competency


Intentional Career Change and Discovery

I changed my career 6 times before the age of 40, on purpose. I built successful careers in:

  • Trading financial markets - mid 6 figure income at 23

  • Freelance consulting - Replaced my 6 figure income within 3 months. Built my “Options Portfolio” approach to finding opportunity.

  • Online content marketing - Employee #5 at an online startup. Sold to Private Equity.

  • Corporate Innovation Consulting - Managed Fortune 500 Innovation teams building new products and services inside a stodgy old Insurance company.

  • Diversified Solopreneurship - Built from side hustle to 65k monthly visitors. Monetized podcast + Newsletter. Current side hustle - Quotebook. Investor.

We will assess your Career Resilience. Talk strategy and tactics. Create a map of how you can get to where you want to be. 


Side Hustle to Full Time Corporate Exit
  1. I engineered my exit from a well paid, soul sucking corporate job, by building a multi-million dollar online business over the course of 18 months.

  2. I can show you the exact process - the steps, decision points and choices I made to ensure success.

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