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You Don't Need A Job. You Need A Revenue Source. - The Break Issue 15

Updated: Mar 19

Welcome to The Break newsletter! We are all on a mission to break our careers (and that’s a good thing!). Join us to gain the confidence to break out every single week, and pass this along to someone who needs it.

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Expand your mindset around work You want a better life. One that’s more aligned with what you value and has time for actual life. One that gives you more time and attention to direct to the people and experiences you love. The biggest leap to becoming the person you want, never come from tactics or strategies to “work smarter,” be “more productive,” or “climb the ladder.” No. The biggest leaps of growth we make always come when we see the world in a different way. Sometimes it’s the tiniest thing that creates a seismic shift in the way you see the world. So let’s start with this one.

You don’t need a job. You need a revenue source. Honestly, I feel like I should stop writing and just let that sink in - the statement is that powerful. But I’ll press on and break this down a bit.

A job is a revenue source, and a damn good one. But it also means you need to fit yourself in a box of someone who does some thing and gets paid by someone else. It’s constrained. The tradeoffs and sacrifices we make in jobs often creep up on us. Constricting our time, our attention, our health.

We do things we don’t want to do for more money and try to fix our time some other way. Unfortunately, like how people now are “Quiet Quitting”. Give me a break.

What a waste of all the skills, abilities and growth you have inside of you. What if you channeled energy into figuring out all the ways to use those same skills to produce revenue (income) so you don’t have to cower in a cube and do the bare minimum just to earn a paycheck? Who wants to live like that?

A revenue source could mean so much more . . . it is unconstrained. When you think of revenue, you’re an entrepreneur. You’re taking your most valuable asset, YOU, and figuring out how to get it to serve You. Your life. Your family. Your kids. No permission No rules No no boss Just value and customers. You don’t need to make a major change today. You just need to be open. Start thinking of your income source as revenue, and a world of possibilities will open up. What’s happening on the pod? A zig zag career path is what I have had (and will continue to have). I've always struggled to tell "my story" when internally it feels like it's been all over the place. Susan Meier knows a thing or two about zig zag career paths, and we discuss our own insecurities with our non-linear paths and how to embrace them.

You made it to the end! Hopefully you learned something about breaking your career today! If so, please share this with someone you care about.

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