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Things Everyone Should Know About Resume

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Here's your weekly update from Careercloud. New on Here are a few of the recent articles from Careercloud! TopResume Review - Your Most Comprehensive Resume Writing Service Option TopResume is a leading resume writing service that specializes in helping job seekers to build their own personal brands. TopResume stands out because they kick their services off with a free professional resume evaluation from their staff of resume experts. They then have a myriad of job-seeking tools available for the beginning job seeker to the seasoned professional.

In this review of TopResume’s service, we give you the good and the bad. We highlight which situations TopResume excels in, and we suggest other services you may want to try if TopResume isn’t what you are looking for.

A Complete Guide To Updating Your Resume There are 160 million working Americans and just about all of them could make updates to their resumes. If you’re reading this article, you’re reading it for a reason - probably because you're getting ready to search for a new job, and feel as though you need to update your resume.

This article is about keeping your resume current by trimming the fat and adding some muscle. Unless you’re changing careers, you won’t need a complete overhaul of your resume. Rather, you will need to make a few additions, some subtractions, and some updates. You can do this through the eight steps we have outlined below.

In this Glassdoor review, we’re not only going to provide the features, plans and pricing the site offers, but also highlight specifically what the job board can do for employers and employees and – in some cases – what it can’t.

This review will focus on Glassdoor, however, if you are looking for other options, we would recommend ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter offers free job searching for jobseekers and a free trial for job seekers. New on Careercloud Radio ​The Careercloud Radio podcast has featured some amazing guests! Spark Your Resume with Leander Howard II Spark Your Resume was founded by Leander Howard II on January 9, 2020, and was officially launched on March 20, 2020. Spark Your Resume is a Resume Writing and Career Advancement Services Company helping real people obtain real results serving Undergraduates/ Entry-Level and Mid Career/Executive job seekers and professionals.

Spark Your Resume specializes in Resume Enhancement, LinkedIn Profile Development, Interview Coaching, and Career Consulting. Since the company was founded, they have helped 200+ professionals land interviews and job offers at top-tier companies.

What The Pandemic Means For Freelancers With Bryan Miller and Mo Perry Our host, Justin Dux, was able to roundup Minneapolis based Mo Perry and Bryan Miller to discuss how the pandemic is affecting our lives and careers. Mo is a freelance writer and actress who, with her husband, founded Logosphere Storysmiths, a boutique writing and editing agency. Bryan (@realbryanmiller), is a comedian and writer. He has done stand up on CBS’s The Late Late Show, and is the head writer for the nationally syndicated radio segment and podcast Quick Snaps.

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Mometrix University is an all-in-one online study tool that helps you study for various tests in the form of study guides, flashcards, and online courses. Home to “the world’s largest collection of education materials for helping students pass high stakes standardized tests,” Mometrix offers a wide variety of study materials so the student has the ability to learn in whichever way is most comfortable.

No matter what industry you’re targeting, knowing how to make a resume is key to getting the job you want. Recruiters, employers and hiring managers all begin their search to fill a position by reviewing resumes to identify qualified applicants to interview.

Today’s email is sponsored by ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter is a free tool to help you find your dream job. With millions of jobs available, ZipRecruiter is the only site you’ll need to find your next job. Get started with ZipRecruiter today!

Want to give your resume a boost? Free online certifications are a great, affordable way to help get you noticed. What other topics would be helpful for you right now? Hit reply and let us know!

Talk soon! The Careercloud Team

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