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Latest on Here are a few of the recent articles from CareerCloud! How To Make A Video Resume You’ve been drooling over your dream job for years, and you’re wondering if creating a video resume would help you get it. The short answer is: it could. So we’ll share everything you need to know about this creative self-marketing technique, including how to make your video resume top notch. That way, you can film and submit one with confidence.

What Is A Video Resume? A video resume is a highlight reel of your career presented in a brief video format — emailed directly to decision-makers within your target organization.

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How To Build The Most Effective Hiring Process For 2022 If you want to hire top talent, you need to have an effective hiring process in place. In this article, we will teach you what makes an effective hiring process and how to implement a hiring process for your business.

What Is A Hiring Process? To bring a new person into your company, you need to undergo a hiring process. These are the steps you must take to get someone on board. The bare minimum is to find, offer, and onboard, but your process will be much smoother if you refine and communicate your steps to everyone involved.

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How To Hire Remote Employees

With 40 percent of Americans wanting to work full time from home and 35 percent who prefer a hybrid situation, you may need to hire remote employees just to keep your business open. Of course, you also have to manage these employees once you get them. However, you’ve probably had several employees working remotely since the pandemic began, so that you can do this!

How To Attract Remote Employees - because remote work is so popular, this is the easiest part of hiring! The remote work info should be at the top of your job description or even as part of the title.

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Recent Episodes on Careercloud Radio ​The Careercloud Radio podcast has featured some amazing guests!

How To Deal With Difficult Coworkers And Other Toxic Personalities With Peter Economy

Peter Economy is a Wall Street Journal best-selling business author, ghostwriter, developmental editor, and publishing consultant with more than 100 books to his credit (and more than 3 million copies sold). Peter’s latest book is Wait, I’m Working With Who?!? published by Career Press. He is the Leadership Guy on and for more than a decade served as Associate Editor for Leader to Leader magazine—published by the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum in New York City. Peter taught MGT 453: Creativity and Innovation as a lecturer at San Diego State University, is on the National Advisory Council of The Art of Science Learning, and is a founding member of the board of SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes.

The Importance Of Mindfulness In The Workplace With Scott Shute Justin Dux chats with Scott Shute about the journey we are all on to find meaningful work. Scott is the Head Of Mindfulness and Compassion Programs at LinkedIn. Scott is working to make mindfulness mainstream and uses tools to operationalize compassion. Additionally, Scott is the author of The Full Body Yes.

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Asking your company to work remotely – particularly full time – can be nerve-wracking. Not only is it challenging to understand exactly how to tell your boss you want to work remotely, but there’s also the worry that your request to work from home full time might be turned down.

Picking your college major, choosing the perfect career, trying to decide if you should leave your job and move to a new one — decisions like these can feel daunting. We all spend a huge amount of time at work, and we all want (and deserve) to love what we do. But the path to finding that work isn’t always clear.

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