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How To Invest in Yourself To Boost Your Career

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

If you want to build a career that you control, you need to learn how to invest in yourself first. Right now there are millions of artisans, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs taking control of their lives and building their own jobs instead of relying on others to give them a raise or a new opportunity.

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Investing in yourself is life principle #1 if you want freedom, control and sanity in your work-life.

This gets easier when you start to view every decision you make as an investment - one with an expected cost (in time, money or tradeoff) and an expected payoff (what you’ll get out of the investment).

I argue that investing in yourself carries the highest return on investment for most people. That’s because it leverages most peoples’ largest asset - their lifetime ability to earn money.

If you haven’t thought of this as your largest asset, consider this:

The average lifetime earnings for an American is around $2 million.

What else do you have that is valued at $2 million?!

Viewed from this light, making an investment of $2,000 in a course that...Continue reading the full article on Career Cloud.

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