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How to get a job in the new normal

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Latest on Here are a few of the recent articles from CareerCloud! ZipRecruiter vs CareerBuilder ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder represent two of the biggest job sites online today. Online job boards bring together job seekers and employers in a way that few other services can. Both job sites have helped scores of people find jobs but using different business models. Keep reading to learn more about ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder and how they help you navigate the job-hunting process as an employer or job seeker.

ZipRecruiter- founded in 2010 as a way for small businesses to post job openings online without paying enormous fees. Since that time, the company has grown considerably, with more than 25 million job seekers visiting the site each month.

CareerBuilder- has been connecting job seekers and employers for over twenty years. In that time, they’ve helped millions of people find new jobs.

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How To Crush Working Remotely: Tips To Make You A Better Remote Worker According to the most recent Consumer Trends Survey, 88% of US consumers believe they have the right to work from home. For many, working from home can be an ideal situation, but it does come with some significant challenges. Approximately half of people I talk to on the podcast, Careercloud Radio, love working from home and the other half miss the office.

ARE REMOTE JOBS GOOD? Remote jobs can be good since they don't require a daily commute and offer some schedule flexibility. But, working from home isn’t the right fit for everyone.

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The Best Job Search Sites in 2022

In many respects, the internet has made job hunting more complicated, however, the best job search sites cut through the clutter, save you time, and get you the right job. Where do you look and how do you sift through the thousands of available jobs to find that needle in the haystack? We’ve put together this guide to answer these questions and more, so you can find the perfect job — and job site — for you.

How We Chose the Best Job Sites- When choosing the best job sites, we focused on the site’s accessibility, how easy it was to use, the relevance of its search results, and what tools it provides to help you narrow down those results.

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Recent Episodes on Careercloud Radio ​The CareerCloud Radio podcast has featured some amazing guests!

The Future Of Work And How To Elevate Your Career Journey With Lisa Gevelber

Lisa founded and leads Grow with Google (, which is Google’s $1 billion commitment to economic opportunity for all. Since 2017, Grow with Google has helped over 6 million Americans and tens of millions globally grow their skills, careers, and businesses. One of her most significant contributions is the creation of Google Career Certificates, which provide access to in-demand, high paying jobs for people without college degrees. These certificates have provided significant upward mobility to tens of thousands and counting. Lisa also leads Google for Startups, which levels the playing field for underrepresented founders and helps startups thrive across every corner of the world.

How To Win The Job You Want When You've Lost The Job You Need with Fawn Germer Fawn Germer is a badass adventurer who loves humanity and is loved back by many job seekers, friends, and family. She lives one hell of a life blazing trails where no one has gone before. A passionate swimmer, cyclist, and kayaker. She loves dogs and cats. She wrote books and spoke all over the world, inspiring millions of people to take risks, put their self-esteem issues in check, and dare to go for broke. Fawn’s newest book Coming Back is a practical guide for renewing or resuming your career.

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Leverage has shifted to candidates as employers struggle to find the talent they need, recruiters and management researchers say. Hiring processes now include more frank discussions about remote work, balancing job duties with family and staving off burnout.

You may have reached the point where you're not happy in your current field and want to make a career change. Or maybe you're in the right field, but you want to pursue a job opportunity outside of your current company in an effort to boost your pay.

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