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How Do I Find My Passion? A Systematic Way To Increase The Odds - The Break Issue 35

Updated: Mar 15

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Today's Issue

  • Finding Passion

  • The difference between passion and purpose

  • The 4 step simple but difficult process to find your purpose

  • How Advantage Mapping increases odds of finding your purpose

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A 4 step process to increase the odds of finding your passion

Normally I write everything out here in the newsletter, but this week I did a comprehensive post on finding passion over at

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What’s happening on the pod?

Should you ever go backwards in your career? If you’re a long term listener of the podcast, you know I think the answer is absolutely yes. Sometimes the quickest way to get out of a problem and get oriented on a solution is to go back up.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. You have to have some faith and confidence in yourself and the path you choose.

Here to help us understand all of this and share her own stories is Kelli Rae Thompson.

Kelli Thompson is a women’s leadership coach and speaker who helps women advance to the rooms where decisions are made. She has coached and trained hundreds of women to trust themselves, lead with more confidence, and create a career they love. She is the founder of the Clarity & Confidence Women's Leadership Program, and a Stevie Award winner for Women in Business—Coach of the Year. She is the author of a newly released book, Closing The Confidence Gap: Boost Your Peace, Your Potential & Your Paycheck.

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