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Careercloud Newsletter - May 3rd, 2021

Hi there!

Here's your weekly update from Careercloud. New on Here are a few of the recent articles from Careercloud! 6 Best Job Search Engines of 2021 Searching online isn’t the only way to find a job, but it is the preferred method for most job seekers. According to Glassdoor, 51% of job seekers prefer to find employment through online job search engines.

The best job search engines not only let you create a profile to attract potential employers, but they are also searchable through a variety of keywords and search criteria. Here’s a review of the six best job search engines to find your next job.

Glassdoor vs Indeed Two of the most popular names in the job search space are Glassdoor and Indeed. But is Glassdoor vs. Indeed a valid comparison? After all, they are “partner sites”, with each providing a very distinct service for both employers and job seekers.

For example, Indeed is the largest job board in the industry. Glassdoor no longer offers direct posting of job openings by employers. But they do offer employers the ability to manage their brand and follow what their own employees are saying about them on the site – in reviews that are being read by job seekers.

6 Ways Recruiters Find Candidates You’ve got a long list of open roles to fill, so these six ways recruiters find candidates will come in handy! Give them all a try to learn which ones work best for you. If you implement the following strategies into your recruiting practice, we’re confident you’ll find the talent you need. New on Careercloud Radio ​The Careercloud Radio podcast has featured some amazing guests! Spark Your Resume with Leander Howard II Spark Your Resume was founded by Leander Howard II on January 9, 2020, and was officially launched on March 20, 2020. Spark Your Resume is a Resume Writing and Career Advancement Services Company helping real people obtain real results serving Undergraduates/ Entry-Level and Mid Career/Executive job seekers and professionals.

Spark Your Resume specializes in Resume Enhancement, LinkedIn Profile Development, Interview Coaching, and Career Consulting. Since the company was founded, they have helped 200+ professionals land interviews and job offers at top-tier companies.

Finding Where To Go and Then Getting There With Ben Anderson Ben Anderson is the second coach we have had on from The Handel Group and he brings a wealth of experience to the show. A native of New Zealand, Ben is the only CareerCloud Radio guest who has successfully started, and brought a company public.

Ben primarily works with executives, so this interview is littered with examples from executive job search processes so you can get an idea of what it’s like on both ends of the spectrum (both getting hired and hiring). Ben breaks down exactly what he does with his clients in order to help them find the proper career path, as well as prepare for interviews. He also discusses the landscape of digital communication, and how it continues to evolve. Exercises, examples, and anecdotes, it’s all in this interview, and we’re sure that you will enjoy it.

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For decades, the SAT has been the gold standard of college admissions exams. While the ACT now rivals it, most universities still accept — or even prefer — the SAT as a measure of college readiness and academic ability. Preparing effectively is key to doing well on the exam, and a good SAT prep course can help you do just that. We’ve created this guide to help you find the best option for your budget, schedule and learning style.

Job availability is the main draw for many in determining where to live. And although remote work may be gaining popularity, some states continue to offer better employment opportunities than others.

In its 2021 Best States rankings, U.S. News determined the best states to find a job, based on metrics such as unemployment rates, labor force participation and overall job growth.

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Want to give your resume a boost? Free online certifications are a great, affordable way to help get you noticed. What other topics would be helpful for you right now? Hit reply and let us know!

Talk soon! The Careercloud Team

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