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Careercloud Newsletter - May 10th, 2021

Hi there!

Here's your weekly update from Careercloud. New on Here are a few of the recent articles from Careercloud! How to Hire a Manager You’re struggling to handle everything in your business on your own, so you’re wondering how to hire a manager. An effective manager can hire, develop, and lead strong teams, control company costs, and help you achieve your goals. With the right leader in place, you’ll enjoy continued success over the long term. We’ll show you how to bring this leadership talent to your organization.

Indeed vs LinkedIn Two of the most popular job-hunting websites are Indeed and LinkedIn. Though it may seem as if they compete with one another, they really complement each other. Indeed is a pure job board, while LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

This review will focus on comparing Indeed and LinkedIn. If you find that neither Indeed nor LinkedIn area good fit for you, we recommend trying ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter is free for job seekers and it is free for employers to get started.

Indeed Guide For Employers 2021 If you’re looking to post job openings online, Indeed for Employers offers several solutions, including free and paid options. Indeed works with over 3 million employers to find and fill job openings with qualified candidates.

This review will give you a good idea of all that Indeed offers. If you find that Indeed isn’t a good fit for you, we recommend trying ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter is free for jobseekers and there is free for employers to get started. New on Careercloud Radio ​The Careercloud Radio podcast has featured some amazing guests! Working at 50 & Beyond with Richard Eisenberg Richard Eisenberg is the Managing Editor of Next Avenue, an organization that is geared towards baby boomers in the workforce where the slogan is “where grown-ups keep growing.” Throughout his career, Richard has been an editor at Money Magazine, Yahoo! Finance, and Good Housekeeping. He has also authored two books: How To Avoid A Midlife Financial Crisis and The Money Book of Personal Finance.

In this interview, Justin and Richard break down what it means to be a baby booming job seeker, and how being an employee has plausibly changed forever in a post-pandemic world. Richard gives examples of what his own team does to cope with working remotely, talks about the ideality of phased retirement, and focuses on the importance of referrals for job seekers and the stress that comes with the job-seeking process.

How To Make Yourself More Valuable in The Eyes of An Employer With Anjana Karumathil Anjana Karumathil is a fresh perspective for the show. She hasn’t been featured on any media outlets (she doesn’t try to) and she is coming to us from Bengaluru, India. Rather than getting an interview from the perspective of a career coach, or resume writing expert, Anjana gives the point of view of a job seeker. She has successfully gone through the interview view process in the past, and gives examples of what you can do in order to boost your chances once you’re in the interview phase, with a touch of her background in academia.

Always learning, and always striving to be better is the underlying focus, you will get advice on how to differentiate yourself from others and how and why you need to bring value to potential employers.

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The Principles and Practices of Engineering (PE) exam is designed to assess your competency within your chosen engineering discipline, and passing it is a necessary step to becoming a Professional Engineer. The exam is challenging, and many students opt to take a PE exam prep course first in order to give themselves the best chance of passing the first time. We’ve compiled a list of the best PE exam prep courses to help you find the one that’s right for you.

With a great many of us continuing to work from home, is it levelling the playing field for working mothers who previously had to put their children before their careers? Journalist Katherine Latham, herself a mum of three young kids, takes a closer look.

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Talk soon! The Careercloud Team

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