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Careercloud Newsletter - March 1st, 2021

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Hi there!

Here's your weekly update from Careercloud. New on Here are a few of the recent articles from Careercloud! The Best Resume Builders For Your 2021 Job Search Resume builders help your resume stand out from the pack. This is a must since a resume is a prospective employer’s first impression of you — and it could be their only one if they don’t like what they see. With so many changes in how employers gather information about candidates, it’s even more crucial to present a polished, professional overview of your credentials and skills, so you can turn that inquiry into an interview and from there, hopefully a job.

Our research team tried out 21 resume builders to figure out which were the easiest to use and produced the highest quality resumes. We compared their templates, user interfaces, and any additional tools they provided to help with resume building and job searching. In the end, we were left with four finalists, all of which can help you build a custom, eye-catching resume from scratch at little or no cost. How to Practice for a Typing Test If you’re applying for a data entry, transcription, or office job, you may have to take a typing test. A typing test is an easy way for potential employers to quickly evaluate your typing ability. If this makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Some people type often, but don’t know their speed. Others rarely use a keyboard and prefer to send messages from their phones.

The good news is that you can practice typing to prepare for a typing test. By practicing every day, you can increase your speed and accuracy. Regular practice will help you score better on a typing test, and improve your chances of landing the job. 5 Best Executive Resume Writing Services When it comes to getting an executive-level job, candidates need more specialized resume writing services. At this level, your reputation and communication capabilities need to resonate. What sets executive resume writing services apart from resume services for other job levels is personalization, and the attention to detail that can capture your personal brand and style across resume, cover letter and LinkedIn. In this article, we share our top five executive resume writing services to help you out. New on Careercloud Radio ​The Careercloud Radio podcast has featured some amazing guests! The Most Innovative Career Coach with Claudia T Miller Claudia T Miller has helped job seekers advance their careers or secure job offers for new roles. Often the highlight is a big raise or salary that is 20%-40% bigger than their previous salary.

In this episode, Claudia discusses job interview preparation mindset and get into some topics around the career path. Listen now to hear why you should be changing jobs/employers every two years.

Claudia started her career like many people do: in an entry-level role, not loving my job, and barely making any money. However, she was not willing to settle.

Claudia quickly understood that she needed to find a better, faster path to career advancement. What You Need To Know About LinkedIn with Brenda Bernstein Brenda Bernstein, Founder of The Essay Expert LLC, is the author of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, a book that held #1 best-seller spot on Amazon for 2 years.

A former lawyer that got her start helping other lawyers apply to law schools now is a sought after certified resume writing master.

Host Justin and Brenda discuss how LinkedIn is different than a resume you might submit online as well as go into other tips regarding the recent changes to the LinkedIn platform.

From Around the Web

The state of US jobs was examined in the latest job bulletin by the outplacement company LHH, and in its analysis it found nearly 2 million (1.92 million) job openings across industries.

LHH cited the following as the top technology trends to watch for in 2021: AI (artificial intelligence), RPA (robotic process automation), edge computing, quantum computing, virtual reality and augmented reality, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and cybersecurity.

Today’s email is sponsored by TopResume. Your resume is one of your most important career tools. However, many individuals have no idea where to start, what to include and what to leave off of their resumes. This is where TopResume comes in. Their team of experts can craft your career story to target the job you want to land. Try their services for free with their free expert resume review.

Want to give your resume a boost? Free online certifications are a great, affordable way to help get you noticed. What other topics would be helpful for you right now? Hit reply and let us know!

Talk soon! The Careercloud Team

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