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Being Curious Is Worth More Than Any Other Thing In Life

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

"Being curious is worth more than any other thing in life."

My friend, Brad, recently said this to me. He's not some social influencer, spouting that for likes. He's in the arena. He's participating and taking swings. He's willing to be wrong, but his viewpoint is completely right.

More than any other time in my lifetime, we have to have our wits about us. But we also have to be open enough to find the fat pitch and take a swing.

The key is to see enough pitches to understand over time what opportunity looks like.

In 2014 I felt crazy for buying #bitcoin.

In 2017 I felt crazy for buying #ethereum .

In 2021 - I just bought a frigging digital comic, and it feels crazy.

I easily have over half my net worth levered in some way to #crypto. That feels scary today, but oddly it feels more and more like the only sane option.

I honestly can't articulate how everything works, but as a principle, I tend to like things where value accrues to the user and not a bloated rent seeker.

When it takes 3 days to move fiat and I can instantaneously move crypto, I take notice.

When I deposit a 6 figure check to a bank and my funds get held for 10 days, I take notice.

When we're handing out trillions of USD every year, but 0 more BTC can ever be made, I take notice.

When a creditor basically has to pay a debtor to hold that debt (negative rates) I take notice.

There's a problem. I don't know what it all means, but I'm sure I'll figure it out by being curious.

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