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How I Use A Barbell Investing Strategy To Avoid Financial Ruin

I’ve been investing in the markets for over 16 years, 5 of those as a professional trader. I came out of college in the middle of the dot-com bust and was lucky to get my first job as a banker. I traded through the financial crisis and Great Recession, and I’m now trying to navigate through this pandemic induced depression-esque market. Like many of you, I’m struggling with what to do.

Since my trading days, I’ve become much better at not losing money, and I want to share a little of how I do that by employing a barbell investing strategy. To some, this may seem ultra-conservative, but I believe it actually takes out a great deal of risk and allows me to be very aggressive when the time is right.

To read the full article and learn more about my barbell investing strategy, head over to GoodFinancialCents.

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