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11 Perspective Shifts To Take Your Work-Life To The Next Level: The Break Issue 34

Updated: Mar 15

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Today's Issue

  • Perspective is key to unlocking your hidden potential

  • There's a difference between perspective and mindset

  • 11 perspective shifts that have shaped my life

  • The creators that inspired these perspective shifts in my life

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11 Perspective Shifts If You Want To Break Your Career Path And Build A Life Of Meaning

The biggest mind blowing moments in my life have come from tiny perspective shifts that broke the way I looked at the world.

Here are a few:

  • Investment in loss

  • money is a tool, nothing more

  • Every person has two lives and the second begins when he realizes he only has one - Confucius

I use the term “perspective” separately from “mindset” because perspective comes from the outside. It’s a shift to a new way of seeing through a new lens. Mindset implies it’s your mind that needs to change.

I believe you can change your mindset by changing your inner beliefs about yourself, but that journey comes from perspective shifts.

If you’ve been longing to make a change in your life - a new career, a new relationship, a new path, but have been stuck, here are 10 perspective shifts I’ve learned that have helped me navigate change to be more prosperous and resilient.

1. One —> Many

The fixed perspective says I only have:

  • one path

  • one way

  • one shot

The growth perspective says I have:

  • many shots

  • unlimited rolls of the dice

  • the next play

One shot means pressure. Many shots means there’s room for misses and learning.

2. Vision: Narrow —> Wide

Most career advice is about becoming exceptionally good at one thing.

But going too narrow on the wrong thing is how you get stuck, pigeonholed.

Too narrow leaves you vulnerable to change. You can't pick up the cues that are signaling a change is coming.

When you have a wide base you can withstand change and even use it to your advantage.

A wide lens helps you see around corners.

You see the big picture.

You move with the wave, rather than being consumed by it.

3. Focus: Wide —> Narrow

The opposite is true with focus. When you have your priorities nailed down, ruthlessly eliminate distraction.

The ability to zoom in and out is a superpower.

Widen your focus to find the right thing, then narrow it like a laser on your most important priorities.

4. Passion —> Purpose

We hear about passion all the time, but passion is fleeting like motivation.

It comes and goes.

Purpose on the other hand, is immovable, like a mountain.

But you have to do the work to uncover it.

The Japanese have a term for it - Ikiagai.

H/T to my recent podcast guest Dan Go .

5. Thinking —> Feeling

We are taught to be overly logical - “smart.”

We miss the wisdom in our feeling.

Feelings matter as a navigational device.

Follow feelings to point yourself in the right direction, then use your brain to execute the plan.

6. Knower —-> Explorer

You don’t need to have all the answers. This is a byproduct of our “expert” culture.

But no one has all the answers.

Instead, become an explorer, who everyone can count on to navigate a course through uncertainty.

I want to follow that person.

7. Outcome —> Process

You won’t be fulfilled by an outcome, no matter how great.

The path to fulfillment comes from embracing the process because when you achieve the outcome, the time you spend reflecting on that achievement will all be focused on how you got there.

h/t Teddy Mitrosilis - The Process Newsletter

8. Optimized —> Robust

The more you optimize for a particular outcome, the less you can adapt and adjust to uncertainty. Over-optimization is fragile.

Instead, aim to be robust to change and able to move fast in a changing landscape.

Nassim Taleb author of Antifragile

9. Productive —> Selective

Almost all productivity advice is BS because it focuses almost exclusively on time.

Instead, focus on the WHAT. You can gain years of productivity by just being selective about what you focus on.

No app can do this for you. It takes your attention and judgement.

10. Perfectionist —> Experimentalist

Perfectionism causes us to:

  • be slow

  • not start

  • second guess

Experimentalism says:

  • just go

  • it’s ok to change your mind

  • you’re always learning

11. Scared —> Excited

Nothing good happens when we’re scared. Let’s turn that fear into excitement, by taking the smallest action to create momentum.

Put the book down and try

Stop scrolling and start making

The future is exciting when you do.

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Dan is now THE fitness coach to high-achieving entrepreneurs. He's spent the past 20 years coaching thousands of clients, helping them lose over 100,000+ pounds while growing one of the most successful gyms in Toronto. In 2018 he left the gym world to help high-achieving entrepreneurs improve their health and build world-class bodies.

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