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My Personal Multi-business Tech Stack

I get a lot of questions about the tech stack I use - not because I’m a techie, but because I run a fairly diversified set of small businesses + my personal brand.


The caveat to this list is this is what works for me. Do I think switching something in your tech stack will magically catapult your business or project? Absolutely not.


You should use what you're comfortable using or already know how to use. Simple and straightforward is the answer.


So here is my stack, and yes these are affiliate links - get over it.





  • Task management/delegation: Asana

  • Processes and Content: Notion

  • Documents and sharing: Google suite

  • Password management: 1password

  • Task management and meeting scheduling: Motion



  • Instant: Iphone 13 Pro Max

  • short: slack

  • Long: Gmail

  • Remote: Zoom

  • Recordings: Loom




Podcast - The Break

  • Hosting: Libsyn

  • Recording: Zoom

  • microphone: Yeti

  • lights:

  • Youtube




Brand Content

  • Social scheduling: Hypefury

  • Design/Graphics: Canva

  • Content organization: Notion



  • Email: Convertkit

  • Email prospecting:

  • Prospecting: Linkedin Premium

  • Custom Integrations: Zapier



  • Careercloud: squarespace

  • Personal: wix

  • Quotebook: Shopify


  • Computer: macbook pro

  • monitor:

  • Label printer:



  • notebooks: Moleskine

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