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CULTURE: Why is it important in your company

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Latest on​ Here are a few of the recent articles from Careercloud! ​ ​Craigslist vs LinkedIn Craigslist and LinkedIn represent two companies that approach the job industry differently than traditional online job sites. Both allow employers to post job listings and job seekers to search listings, but both offer unique takes, unlike any other site. Craigslist embraces function over form with its no-frills interface, while LinkedIn is a networking platform first, with career functionalities included.

  • Craigslist has been around since 1995, but its interface looks older in many ways. What started as an email list for friends has grown to become one of the world's premier online classified ad websites. You can find dedicated pages on the site for almost every major city and region in the world.

  • LinkedIn is an online professional networking platform. Users can create free accounts and profiles and connect with companies, colleagues, and other professionals. LinkedIn also offers career services, including online job listings. Although it's not a traditional job site, individuals use it every day to find jobs and employees.

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Google For Jobs Review 2022: Features, Plans and Pricing Google for Jobs is a job posting aggregator tool. Unlike most job sites, which get job postings from employers who submit their listings–often for a fee–Google for Jobs collects job ads from third-party sites and company job boards.

  • What Is Google For Jobs? Google for Jobs is a search engine that crawls job sites and employer career sites and aggregates them in one place. Job seekers can access Google for Jobs for free by typing their query into Google search. Employers can get their job postings on the search engine for free by using a free job posting site that partners with Google or by optimizing their company career page for search.

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How To List References On Your Resume

Job references often play a crucial role in the job interview process. Prospective employers want to get to know you, and what better way than talking to people you've had a professional relationship with in the past.

  • How To List References- When adding references to your resume, list them in order starting with the one that can make the strongest case for you professionally.

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Recent Episodes on Careercloud Radio​ ​The Careercloud Radio podcast has featured some amazing guests!

Influencing Culture From Below: What It Means To Have A Servant Purpose & The Generational Influences That Change Culture with S. Chris Edmonds

S. Chris Edmonds helps leaders create and sustain purposeful, positive, productive work cultures. He is a speaker, author, and executive consultant who is the founder of The Purposeful Culture Group. He's one of Inc. Magazine’s 100 Top Leadership Speakers and was a featured presenter at South by Southwest.

Listen to this episode w/ S. Chris Edmonds

Why Culture Is Vital And How Individuals Can Influence Culture With Mark Babbitt Mark S. Babbitt is President of WorqIQ, a community and change management consultancy that helps organizations understand leadership's impact on culture and the company's collective level of Workplace Intelligence (WQ). Mark is also CEO and Founder of YouTern, a career-focused community enables college students, recent graduates, and young professionals to find their first or next internship or job with the right organizational culture for them.

Listen to this episode w/ Mark Babbitt

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Culture Is A Company’s Single Most Powerful Advantage. Here’s Why

There are very few factors that contribute more to business success than culture. Although it is sometimes difficult to draw boundaries around the notion of culture in organizations, it remains widely associated with business performance by practitioners, consultants, and researchers. Culture has many dimensions, including practices, symbols, norms, rituals, ceremonies, beliefs, and values.

Happy Work Culture – What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It’s Built

The type of company culture you nurture in your office has an integral role to play in your business’s success. In fact, It has its effect on nearly every aspect of your company. And that is why almost every business owner and project manager wants his/her workplace to come out as the “best place to work”.

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