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Michael Gardon

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Break corporate dependence. Build a life that is

"An exceptional question-asker!"

"Brilliant at letting the heart lead and the head plan."

"An extraordinary presence, who puts you at the center."

"Asks questions that hit you between the eyes."

"He got the best out of me in a short period of time."

”has a way of challenging conventional thinking”


In 2018 I decided corporate work wasn't working for me, so I broke it on purpose. Now I help other achievement oriented leaders break corporate dependence and build self directed careers for freedom, family and finances. 

If "success" has you crumbling, we should talk.

I help senior corporate professionals who are burned out, unfulfilled and secretly DYING for new opportunities. These highly motivated pros have achieved their way far into a single track on which they've become dependent for their income, status, and self worth. Now they're questioning what its all for.

Get in the arena

It's time to decide if you're going to be a spectator that watches the rest of your life from the sidelines . . .

Or a participant that plays, fights, shapes and designs what you want with the time you have left.

This Lab is your arena. Get in!

The Career Design Lab


Together, in the CDL we do three things:

1. We crush corporate dependence -

that chokehold that our jobs have on our time, our income, our energy, our identity. We shift our jobs from all consuming —> tool for our futures.

2. We centralize our hidden genius 

into a core stack of true Advantages we can leverage in new ways, allowing us to monetize our experience and expertise through a variety of channels. 


This is your Portfolio of high odds options to a self-directed life - lifestyle, location and schedule independence to fully optimize our time based on priorities like family, health, money, growth or other goals.

3. We build -

Our offers, our services, our consultancy, our ventures  or our advisory roles with intention to create the life we want.

No more default. The end result is not one path, but rather a dynamic new approach to your career as a portfolio of exponential opportunity. One with multiple options for your hidden genius to create the highest odds of attaining freedom, fulfillment and financial security - while enjoying your journey!

Every day we are breaking our limits, and living life on our terms.


I write about Self Directed Living, ditching corporate overlords, and becoming UnBREAKable.


You can see Mike's writing and media mentions on work, life and becoming a full stack human.

Work designed for security + optionality. Family taken care of + flourishing.

Ready to be UnBREAKable?